A Second Chance for a Bug’s Life

VW put out a touching farewell video celebrating the iconic automobile, which helped provided wheels to millions of people around the world. The video appropriately titled “The Last Mile” chronicles the life of the VW Beetle, through the eyes of owners, icons and people who hold this classic automobile close. The classic Beetle made famous by the movie Herbie ended production in 2003 and an updated version was later introduced. In 2011, VW further updated the Beetle’s design, keeping the rounded roof, but making it a bit more coupe-like than ever before. That’s the model that finally has ended production as of last year.

But as we all know sometimes life still finds a way! Designer Brent Walter has transformed a classic VW Beetle into a pair of wonderfully creative minibikes that he has coined the Volkspods. The overall style of the bike pays tribute to the original VW Bug by carrying over the original icon shape and curves of the fenders as well as including the VW logo emblazoned on the front of each minibike.

At the heart of the bike is a 79cc, four-stroke, OHV engine, much like those found in lightweight garden machinery. Walters 2 concept bikes are featured in the iconic shades of the original Beetle; birch green and pastel blue.

This is just the latest in a line of VW Bugs that have been transformed into something new. From RV hybrids to an electric convertible concept, vintage Beetles are often given an overhaul. Some car models come and go much like electronics but designers like Brent Walter and others spanning the globe will be sure that this iconic love bug lives forever. This would be yet another example of how iconic design can truly leave a lasting impression. Great design never really goes away but will often be transform into something else entirely.

I guess the moral of the story is this: to truly be inspired, you just need to find something that drives you.

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