Tacpoint of Ref. — Part 1: Effective PowerPoint Presentations

What’s your story?

The true power that goes into a presentation is knowing your premise and knowing your intent.

Be Wise and Organize

Once you have organized all of your content and thoughts on paper first, it will be easier to identify any holes that may need to be filled. Or perhaps you will notice too much focus in one area and not enough in another. In the long run, this will also help to make for more seamless transitions as you guide the viewer through all of your content.

Be Sure to Check All Your Boxes

Create a check list of all of the content you wish to cover in your presentation and other possible considerations.

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Time to Get on Board

Another thing to try is to develop a comprehensive Storyboard or Flat-Plan to layout your presentation as a story, including highlighting as many visual components as possible, such as images, icons, and video players. This helps to provide a clear overview of the whole presentation, and enables you to comb through the relationship between the editorial, visual, and divisions within each page, too.

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Next Steps

Although there are many ways to start your powerpoint presentation and from here you can choose to take it in a verity of directions, these are just a few helpful tips to get your PPT on the right track.



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