Virus or not, work continues and many feel right at home

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Originally Published: 03/13/2020

In the midst of a growing pandemic more and more companies are now changing the way they do business. By choice or by order, companies have been forced to close their doors and send workers home. But that by no means insist that work stops, because virus or not, the show must go on.

That being said, working remotely has now become the new ‘norm’, at least for the time being. This of course comes with it’s own challenges, work-arounds, benefits and changes. With working remotely being the best alternative to keep both employees and clients safe, we wonder how has working from home the day to day operation.

We decided to ask a few members of our team just how has working from home and the current times impacted their lives both from a personal stand point and professional.

How has working from home changed work habits and/or daily life?

[FW] — “One big change for me is I no longer feel the need to prepare lunches in advance, and also sometimes it is a bit difficult to mentally trick myself into finishing work before certain hours when I’m at home.”

[T] — “I am not losing 2 hrs in traffic. It gives me more time to work. but i also feel like i am stuck in my room. Feeling less social since I don’t go out after work hours either. It is not like working from home in normal environment, i can’t go to cafes, libraries etc.”

In what ways have you seen the industry change due to this virus?

[FW] — “Freelancers in the creative industry (photographers, videographers etc.) might see a big dip in the amount of work. But I think the situation will bring growth opportunities for products or businesses for effective online collaboration.”

[JM] — “I have noticed that most of the companies or clients we partner with have now switched to working remotely and video conferencing has become more common than before. Events have also been effected, which changes the internal work dynamic. “

If any, what new precautions are you taking?

[N] — “Drinking hot water/tea and cooking home food. Avoiding large gatherings and public transport. “

[M] — “when washing my hands I do it more consciously.”

Do you think that this pandemic will alter the industry moving forward?

[T] — It affects some industries more than other ones. And in the near future it could start a domino effect. Gatherings are being cancelled. This will affect hotels, airlines, taxi/uber drivers, restaurants etc. they won’t be making enough money to spend on other businesses.

[N] — “Coronavirus has been declared a pandemic which means this is going to affect the companies globally. Deadlines being pushed and postponed. People who travel for work might have to work remotely which might not be that productive or effective. More people getting sick might affect on-going projects and deliverables. Hiring new people in this climate becomes difficult.”

Through this Q & A we gained so much insight into the way people are handling this global pandemic from both a personal level and professional. It is very unanimous that this will definitely change not only our industry but every business moving forward. We will do a follow up to check in with our team as this situation evolves. For now stay safe and be kind to each other.

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